Men And Dogs

I sit on the step with my back against the door leading into the garage and watch three dogs and my husband in various stages of laziness in the back yard.  As I watch our 8 year old Great Dane, find his tennis ball and lumber back into the shade while our almost 13 year old whippet stretches out in the sun next to me as the almost 3 year old Tessa, our mixed bag of what we think is a sighthound cross breed,  bounces about, I seriously wonder just what is it about men and dogs?

Maybe not all men, but quite a few of them.

Dogs make some things easier.  Take hiking.  Much more interesting (and entertaining) if you’ve got a dog (or two) along.

Dogs don’t argue with you, want to go to the movies or get dressed up.

Dogs are easily entertained with a stick, a ball or your tee-shirt.  They’re not fussy about what they’ll eat.  They don’t care if it’s  snowing, raining or gloriously sunny.  Like today.

Dogs like to ride in your car, slurp your face, and lay at your feet.

Dogs can’t tell time, so you are never late.

Dogs don’t get too riled up unless another dog’s getting in their face.  And, between the two of them, they understand the rules of the game, so this is usually settled matter-of-factly without any hurt feelings or leftover angst.

Dogs don’t have expectations.  It is what it is and they are just happy to be included.

In his book,  Your Dog Is Your Mirror, Kevin Behan writes that dogs respond to what their owners feel;  “…that dogs and humans are connected by heart…”  Behan proposes that underneath your dog’s behaviors are insights into your own.

Behan writes:Since I interpret emotion as a networked consciousness and as the energy that animates as well as informs dogs, when I am observing a dog, I know that its behavior and personality are a manifestation and expression of emotion and feelings it’s picking up from the ones with whom its bonded.  From my life in dogs I now see a dog as a living, walking, breathing sonogram of the emotional dynamic within its owner. ”  (pages xv-xvi)

In other words,  if you want to know the man,  examine the relationship he has with his dog.










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