Greyhound Dogs For Adoption – The Journey of a Lifetime

[gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]Sometimes, the death of one dog opens the door for another.  Little did I realize that losing our first Great Dane to cancer would open the door for over 200 ex-racing greyhounds to enter our lives.

The grief when you euthanize a beloved pet twists and wrenches your heart into a searing pain before imploding in on itself.  You walk into an empty house during the middle of the day, slamming into the silence that didn’t used to be in the six years of coming home to the benevolent welcome of your Great Dane.

He would be in one of two places: either on his back, back feet tucked into his chest, alongside the front of the couch or he’d be upstairs curled into the middle of your bed where he knew he wasn’t supposed to be.

Never mind.

After we brought his ashes home, I swore I would never have another Dane.  How could I knowing that their lifespan is not as long as other breeds?

Five months passed. When we could no longer stand the silence that comes when you live without a dog, we went to an adoption clinic at the local humane society.  Just to look.  And, if we did decide to bring a dog home, we could accomplish two things.

We could appease our dog-hunger and we could adopt a dog that needed a second (or a third) chance at a full and happy life.  Little did we know, when we pulled into the parking lot of the animal shelter, that we were about to embark on a seven year, life-changing journey.


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