Now You Can Have Great Cheese And a Pit Bull Terrier Too

I’ll bet you think that this is just another great cheese store.  And, you’d be almost right.  The Adirondack Cheese Company isn’t just “a great cheese store” — it’s a fabulous cheese store.  You should definitely stop by when you’re in the area.  It’s on Route 12 North as you drive through Barneveld, NY.  Just keep your eye out for the big red barn.

And, when you walk through the door, keep your eye out for Riley.  He might be standing nearby, ready to welcome you inside.  When you do speak to him, Riley won’t say much.  He’ll just wag his tail or drop down and ask you to rub his belly.

Or, he could wander over to help you select some cheese.  Unless, he’s taking a nap behind the register. 



When I asked, the store manager was only too happy to tell me what she knew about Riley.   He is a 9 year old, red-nosed, Pit Bull Terrier that was found wandering the streets, somewhere in California.  He went into a rescue program and was placed in a home.  We don’t exactly know what happened, but, he didn’t stay in that home.  And, he didn’t stay in his second home either.  The owner of the Adirondack Cheese Company is Riley’s third home.

Just goes to show that sometime,  the third time around is the charm.

How can you resist that face?  I swear there’s a gleam in Riley’s eye that suggests he knows things about life that we should pay attention to.   Good things like,  never hurry and never worry.

Life is much better when you can lay on the floor and wait for what happens next.  You may get a belly rub.  You might get a bunch of kids to jump all over you and play — which does happen to Riley and he’s an excellent babysitter.

Life is definitely better on the floor.   Right side up.  Sideways or upside down.   Doesn’t matter to Riley.

Riley is one of the calmest dogs I’ve met.   I did get to watch him quietly greet customers as they walked into the store.  He’d stand off to the side and if someone put their hand near his nose for him to sniff, he’d oblige them.   His body posture was always relaxed.

At one point, he wandered over to a woman who was standing in front of one of the cheese cases.  She was sampling the different cheeses and Riley cocked his head to one side as if to say he’d be pleased to help out with her selection.  He wasn’t pushy about it. After offering his opinion, he sauntered off.

Riley’s impeccable manners and ease with people could easily win him the Top Award for Best of Store Dogs blue ribbon.   Riley’s  not the only dog that helps out in his owner’s store.    I’ll bet you know of at least one dog that could be a candidate for this award.    And, if you do,  I’d love to hear from you in the comment box below.  Include a photo and be sure and include a brief description of why “your” dog should be awarded the Best of Store Dogs Blue Ribbon of Excellence.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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