She’s a Wanna-be Great Dane Masquerading as a Cava Chon

:Female Cava Chon puppyThis is Mia.  She’s been a house guest with my family for five days.  Today is Day Six.   When she came, she had a LOT of work to do.  She had to figure out what all of the great doggy smells in her new back yard meant.

And, then she  had to meet THREE new dogs!

And after THAT, she had to say good-bye to her human family because she was going to be staying with MY family for NINE whole days.

Mia was okay with that.  In fact, she was so EXCITED to meet some new canine buds that she almost didn’t realize that her family was leaving her behind.

They were sad at first.  BUT.  After they spent some time meeting MY dogs,  they decided that Mia just might have a good time while they went on their human family vacation.

Mia’s family brought a lot of necessary STUFF for Mia.   She came with her very own crate, lots of toys, including her special blue cow soft toy,  lots of food and some treats and an x-pen.

Such a  SMART human family Mia has.

Before they left, we set up Mia’s x-pen in the back yard, close to the back door.  The area of grass that the x-pen fenced off would belong to just Mia.  NONE of my dogs would be allowed inside.

Mia’s human family didn’t know it, but Mia came to our house with a very SPECIAL secret.  Can you even guess what her secret might be?

I didn’t think so.

Mia’s Special secret was that she wanted to play  “Catch me, guys!”  with her very own PACK.

She wanted to play  “Catch me, guys!”  RIGHT AWAY.

I made her wait TWO days before she could be the instigator to that game.   She had to find her place in the PACK before she could play with them.   (More about THIS in another post.)

If you look carefully at that first photo, you can see that Mia finally got her SPECIAL wish.   She is playing “Catch me, guys!”  with Jasper.  Jasper is a Great Dane.  He weighs 160 pounds.  And, he’ll be 9 years old next December.

Mia’s vet records show that on August 1st,  SHE  weighed  6.8 pounds.  And, she is 3 months old.

So, about Jasper.  We’ve had Jasper since he was a puppy.  He likes to sunbathe and he’s especially fond of puppies and female dogs.   I knew that once he had met Mia, he would like her.  And, he might want to play with her.

Mia’s human family wasn’t too sure about this.  They thought Jasper would be too BIG to play with Mia.

I knew better.

When Mia came to our home on Day One,  we had her meet Jasper after she’d met our other TWO dogs.   My husband and Jasper were waiting in the front yard.  Jasper was in a long down and my husband was sitting next to him.

I opened the fence gate that led out to the front yard and Mia’s human mom walked Mia out into the front yard.   Mia got a good look at Jasper before she scampered up to him  (Mia was REALLY excited because maybe, just maybe, THIS dog would be part of her SPECIAL wish.)

We had introduced Jasper to lots of puppies by having him stay in a long down.  We knew that he would let Mia check him out in her own puppy way.  And, she did just that.   When we felt that Mia was comfortable with Jasper,  we had Jasper stand up. Oh. My.


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