Lake Dogs – The Fisherwoman

There are always fish just below the surface of the water waiting for Lulu the Fisherwoman dog.  Lulu is tireless and ready to fish at any given moment during the day.

Fishing to Lulu is her dog – zen;  that present moment where everything else fades away.  There is the lake, the fish beneath and Lulu both in and above the lake, patiently searching for that elusive catch.

Lulu has all the time in the world.

“Animals, in their blessed state of total presence, require our presence as well.  All animals possess the enviable quality of complete acceptance of the moment — a quality some of us meditate on for a lifetime, only to achieve in small measure.  Coming into animal presence, we may find ourselves refreshingly alert to living in the moment.”  – Susan Chernak McElroy

To live in the moment.

How do you quiet the white noise of the internet, the television chatter, the endless conversations that you have internally?  That inner self-talk? How do you disconnect from all of the sundry distractions so that you can be in your own zen?

So that,  like Lulu,  you can  be fully present in the moment?


Decide to turn things off.  Get up an hour earlier and get out of your house.  Take a walk in your neighborhood.  Do yoga stretches in a calm, uncluttered space in your house.   Focus on your breathing.  Stay offline until mid-day.  Really.

Unplug the TV and don’t turn it back on for 12 months.   Take it up to the attic or out to the garage so you’re not tempted.  Really.

Understand that this is a process that takes time.

Pay attention.   Talk less and listen more. 

This will all feel awkward at first.  You won’t feel different or transformed in any way.   You’ll want to turn the TV back on.  Fight that urge.

Take your dog for a hike in the woods instead.  Wander down to the edge of the lake and lose yourself in the calm stillness of water and sky.   Explore a museum if lakes are not your thing.  Go for a drive in the back country.


Before you can be better than you are now,  you have to decide to change yourself.  Only then can you get to work.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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