To Change Yourself, Find Your Focus

Here is where it starts.  The clouds begin to pink with early morning sun yet the ground still holds the darkness of the night.   The lake is almost a smooth glass surface.  The air is still.

It’s so early that the lake dogs are still sleeping.

Here is where it ends.  The clouds reflect summer’s eve.  Sunset has started to pink the clouds and night begins to shadow the lawn with darkness.  The glassy smooth surface of the lake ripples where the current pulls through.  The air is still.

The lake dogs have been called home.

This is where I find my calm center.  Where I hush my inner dialogue and fill up on what Nature has laid at my feet.  Water and sky.

There are no distractions.  I can sink myself fully into this moment and just be.

When I’m away from the lake I have to find ways to re-create this centering process.  Because finding my focus keeps me on task as the day unfolds.

Getting up early and getting outside when my neighborhood still sleeps is one way I can sink into that lake stillness.  Instead of looking all around me, I have to look up at the sky because the houses that border my yard crowd my view.

The blue-black expanse of sky and the still visible moon and stars pull me into a physical infinite space that takes me outside of myself while bringing me inside myself too.   This inner yet outward awareness is where my self-development shapes itself.

When I woke up this morning, it was 4:30AM.  Rather than groan at the absurdly early hour,  I slipped downstairs and fed cats and put the coffee on.   And then I walked outside.   The slight chill in the air hints that autumn is moving closer.  There was a breeze and the moon cast its white luminescence on the clouds.   The air was still.

My dogs were still sleeping inside.

There were no distractions and I sunk myself into the moment and let myself just be.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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