Lisa Scottoline Says It’s Okay to Sleep With Your Dogs

Lisa Scotttoline says it’s okay to sleep with your dogs.   In fact, she’s quite adamant about this.  For herself.  Because she can.

It helps that she has small dogs.  Well, four out of her five dogs are small.

We know that I live alone with five dogs, which sounds pathetic, but is actually quite fun.

We also know that I sleep with at least four of these dogs.  The two Cavaliers, Little Tony and Peach His Child Bride, then Penny and Ruby The Corgi with Restless Leg Syndrome.

Angie, the older golden, sleeps in my bedroom on her denim dog bed that says GOOD GIRLS.

All the bad girls are in my bed.    – Excerpt from Chapter 12:  Five Dog Night (pg 38)

That said,  Scottoline has given me license to examine my own reasons for deciding that it was okay for Tessa to sleep with me.   Considering the fact that I spent a good part of last Saturday night sleeping with a 60 pound Boxer,  I’d have to say that her point is well taken.

Some of us – more than will admit to this publicly – sleep with our dogs.

What was it about Scottoline’s take on this that over-rode some of the prevailing advice put out by some of the acknowledged professional dog trainers/behaviorists?   The advice that for years cautioned dog owners against sleeping with their dogs because humans are alpha-dogs are NOT and therefore should sleep in a lower, more subservient place?

First of all, Scottoline makes no claims of being a professional dog-trainer anything.   She is a professional writer and just happens to write some of the best crime fiction around.   I’ve been reading her books for years.   And, to sweeten the attraction for me,  she lives outside of Philadelphia — the setting for her novels is either center city Philadelphia or the surrounding area – and reading her books is a nostalgia trip home for me as I grew up in a suburb 40 minutes west of Philly.

Sometimes, you just have to trust the messenger, yes?

Truth be told,  Tessa was sleeping with me well before I read My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space.  So, I guess you could say that I’d already come to my own conclusions about this topic.   So.  Does this mean that I sleep with ALL my dogs?

Not necessarily.  But sometimes.   For myself.  Because I can.




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