In The Heart of the Finger Lakes

Think of my blog roll like a mini-heart beat – illustrations of places dear to my heart.  Notice that I’ve added two links and taken one away.  The two that I’ve added are both businesses located deep in the heart of the Finger Lakes area of New York.  And, yes.  They each have an affinity for dogs.

Unlike all of the other links,  I don’t have a personal connection with either of these businesses.  But, I plan to.   Dinner sometime before the end of October at the Brown Hound Bistro and an all day visit to the Hunt Country Vineyards in early October.

I am drawn to phrases like “nestled in the Finger Lakes,”  and both of these places are. 

My soul feels settled and content when I can feast my eyes on any one of the Finger Lakes or when I measure the sweep of farmland rolling down to the water’s edge.  And this from an “east coast chick” who spent years acclimating to life in western New York state.

So, when you come to read a post, take some time to see if  I’ve added or subtracted from my blog roll.  Consider each link as a doorway to another place that may just catch you up for a while and give you peace.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]     (Acknowledgement:  Darryl Abraham Cards.)


Postscript:  Darryl Abraham lives in the heart of the Finger Lakes and you can read an article his sister wrote about him too.


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