The Incredible, Edible Egg – For Dogs!

Eggs.  You can scramble them up for breakfast.  Fry ’em and slap ’em over cornbeef hash.  You can add them to pancake batter,  knead them into the ingredients for meatloaf,  turn them into poached eggs or pretty much do anything you want with them.

Including feed them to your dogs.  Like a treat.  Or as a substitute for a favorite chew toy that has lost its charm.  You have to hard boil ’em first.

Tessa got her first hard-boiled egg on the last day of obedience class as a graduation present.  Every dog in class that day got one.  Some of them knew exactly what to do with those eggs, biting into them and chomping through the egg shell to munch on the hardened egg yolks.  Yum.

Some dogs,  like Tessa,  had to have their eggs broken open because, although intrigued by this new “thing,” they couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  Like everything else,  first time’s the charm.   The next time we gave Tessa her very own hard-boiled egg, we still broke it open for her,  but she was quicker to take it from us and she devoured all of it – including the shell.

We give hard-boiled eggs to all three of our dogs.   They really like ’em a lot.   Sometimes, they eat them outside in the yard.  When the weather’s nice and they can all grab their eggs and settle down in favorite spots to munch and crunch on their eggs.

When Mia was staying with us and was being fussy about eating — seems she can be a picky eater — I took a hard-boiled egg out of the refrigerator,  cracked it open and gave her half.  She was pretty funny to watch.  But she quickly figured out that she really liked the yolk part and some of the shell.   The second time I gave her one, I let her roll it around on the floor to see if she could figure out how to crack it open all by herself.

This took up quite a bit of her time and became a great way to slow down her morning puppy energy with a task that occupied her nose and her brain.

Carrot sticks are good for dogs too.  Nice and crunchy.  They don’t last as long as hard-boiled eggs, but they provide a slightly different experience for dogs.   Canine bliss.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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