Doggone Summer is Almost Gone

First-year retirees  have closed up their homes and hit the road for Cape Cod taking dogs with them and leaving their adult children behind.  Friends with kids still in high school have headed east and north for the Adirondacks anticipating a long weekend without having to dodge the summer tourist crowds.   What started out as a cool September day has turned hot.  Except for the village quiet because school’s back in session and kids are off the streets until 2PM, it could be just another summer afternoon.

Other than that, there’s not a lot going on in this post.

Stuffing 3 books into a canvas book bag that was part of my inheritance from my mom,  I walked down the street,  hung a right, and headed for the village proper.  Shops and the library. Mostly, the library.

Making my peace with the “Keeper of the You-Who-Need-to-Pay-Library-Fines,”  I managed to leave the library with only two books.  Walking back home,  I caught up with a woman out for a walk with what looked to be a tiny, puff-ball of a Pomeranian – Papillon – ish looking dog.  Tiny.  Perhaps weighing all of ten pounds … if that.  Farther down the sidewalk,  a young mom wrestled with the strap on the bike helmet that a little boy wore.  The strap seemed to be stuck behind his ear.  And parked next to them was a stroller with a very small baby patiently waiting for whatever was going to happen next.

It’s September 9th.  The first Friday of the first week of back to school.   And, it is an absolutely stellar weather day!  A robin’s egg blue sky and still lots of green.  Green leaves on the trees.  Green grass.  It kind of looked like this … except that the lake is about a 45 minute drive from my home. 

Back home and giving up on making any sense of this post,  I grab a book,  a few magazines and  Josephine,  my 13 year old whippet, and head out to the back yard.  We sit and enjoy the late afternoon stillness.

Maybe we didn’t get a whole lot done.  But,  maybe that was the point.

She’s content to lay in the grass near me.  She’s always been mellow.  Not demanding.  Gorgeous to look at. An easy walker.  Given the way this day’s unfolded,  which is to say that not much of anything happened,  she was the perfect companion to do nothing with.

If we sit long enough,  maybe we’ll get to watch the leaves change their colors.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]












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