Smart Women Who Love Dogs

Up way too early this morning,  with nothing better to do than hop online and search the net for other dog blogs to beef up my own blog roll.   Who else is out there?  Where are the articulate,  smart dog lovers who have something to say to the rest of us?  Whose stories are true and life-changing?  Funny and thought-provoking?

I count myself lucky that I found four.  I’m sure there are more.  Four was all I had time to look into.

A Dog’s View and Bark ‘n’ Blog. 

Both of these blogs belong to Dr. Kim Bloomer.  She’s an animal naturopath with a holistic focus when it comes to pet care.  And,  it would seem that she has a fondness for giant breeds.  The first blog,  A Dog’s View   is written from the perspective of  her dogs and Bark ‘n’ Blog is where Dr Bloomer speaks in her own voice.

It would seem that Dr Bloomer has a lot on her mind as she’s  on Blog Talk radio and she’s written a book.  All of which you can find out about when you visit these two blogs.   Fair warning.  You will spend a LOT of time here. 

Aimee’s Law

Aimee’s  Law   –  This blog has to be one of the most comprehensive sites about rabies vacinations that I have come across.    Take the time to educate yourself so that you can make health decisions for your pet that align with your values and your pet’s safety.

When you scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog, you’ll come across the name Pamela Picard.  If you miss her name,  you can find her personal site under the heading,  “Where I write.”   Or, you can just click on her name and get there faster.  This is where Picard writes her personal blog.  She claims to be “reinventing (her) life at 64.”   Having read her recent post,  she sounds like she’s doing just that.

I’m a sucker for a crisp writing style.  Which I think Picard has.  Plus, she’s got a soft spot for dogs and isn’t real fond of “stupid dog people,”  which is true for me too.  Might be worth your while to check her out.

The Stock Dog Diaries

The StockDog Diaries

Don’t let the July 2011 date on the blog post fool you into thinking that this might be an inactive blog.  Click onto the About Me page and read Ferrieh Hiatt’s story and then follow the links to her farm in Indiana and to the web site she has for her Aussies.

There is a powerful story here of survival,  passion for working dogs and for true love.  I hope that Ferrieh Hiatt doesn’t mind me saying this.  The proof  is there if you follow the links.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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