Off My Pace

I’m a bit off pace here and if nothing else tipped you off to that,  the fact that my dog blog is in a visual state of confusion is a good clue.   Changes are coming and some of them are good and some of them not-so-good.

The not-so-good first.  Three days ago,  I was officially diagnosed with what will be a long term chronic  Something To Get Over.  In layman’s terms,  it’s called “frozen shoulder.”   What this means is that I have very limited movement in my right shoulder,  the almost constant pain is bone-gripping,  which means not a lot of sleep at night and a really hard time keeping my focus during the day.  A lot of swearing.

I don’t do chronic pain well.

I’ve been here before.  Five years ago,  my left shoulder froze.  What I learned from that is that the recovery time can be long – anywhere from 9 months or longer – physical therapy and finding ways to keep physically active with limited arm mobility really sucks and chronic pain becomes the norm.

The root causes are somewhat mysterious.  Surgery is not generally an option.  Would you rather take drugs to get to sleep at night or drugs to combat the pain?  I opted for sleep and that initial choice was a complete bust.  I was awake at 2AM and then again at 5AM.

Chiropractic and massage therapy are now weekly appointments instead of twice monthly.  These guys have their hands on my body more than my husband does!

The good news is that there is an end in sight even if it’s a long way from today.

Change is messy.  Sometimes.   And drugs are good.  Sometimes.



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