Happiness is a Wood Fence


"Great Dane looking over wood fence"This photo owes much of its cuteness factor to the wood fence.

Ever since Jasper grew tall enough to be able to stand on his hind legs while resting his front legs on top of the fence,  he has charmed our neighbors,  and occasionally total strangers,  with his cuteness.  All due to the fence.

The fence is one of the things I love about my yard.   The part I love best is the wood fence.  It’s 5 foot in height and spans the entire front of our yard,  butting up against the side wall of the house and continuing in a straight line to where our property line ends.  The rest of the yard is chain link.

I no longer worry about Other People’s  Dogs getting into my yard.  I especially don’t worry about my dogs getting OUT of my yard.

I REALLY like my fence when I can’t walk my dogs.  Like yesterday.  And the day before that.  And today.  And,  probably tomorrow and a few more tomorrows after that.

Dog walking will be off my agenda until I am farther along in healing from what was officially diagnosed as “frozen shoulder.”   Think about having limited mobility with your right arm because every time you move your right shoulder,  pain zaps through it like a lightning bolt.  Any sudden jerk – like a dog at the end of a leash deciding to bolt after a squirrel, or even the slightest of arm movements on your part – can trigger that  jolt of PAIN that can bring you to your knees.

So not happening if I can avoid it.

So,  here’s to my fence and to all that it represents.  Safety for three dogs,  and a secure area to romp off-leash.   And me?  What do I get?

Peace of mind and small moments of happiness throughout the day.







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