Trenton Falls – No Pets Allowed

Columbus Day weekend stretched out into three days of Indian summer weather and a road trip to Trenton Falls to hike the trail.  No pets allowed.

And so we moseyed along pristine trails that looked out over water falls; got caught up in something larger than ourselves.   It was not unpleasantly hot; except for the fall colors,  it could have been a summer day.

Not a dog in sight.

Back in the day, when William H Seward was Secretary of State,  this was where he came with diplomats from seven countries to talk about the War Between the States.

This was not an easy place to get to in those days.

The water falls during Seward’s lifetime roared through here, crashing and tumbling down over what is now a worn smooth rock pathway.

They were here in August of 1863.  Almost 150 years ago.  Having conversations that would change the course of history.   All of them caught up in something larger than themselves.

I wonder if they knew that?

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