Beyond the Myth – The Documentary Film And Afterward

Despite the spitting rain last night (this is Rochester, NY after all and the weather certainly wasn’t  bad enough to keep the staunchest of dog-lovers away),  there was an impressive crowd of people sitting in the Little Theatre to watch the documentary film on the devastating effects of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) on the Pit Bull Terrier and the people who love them.

Hats – or should I say collars and leashes off – to Pitty Love Rescue for sponsoring the screening of Beyond the Myth here in Rochester.  They did an absolutely stellar job, as did the folks at The Little Theatre.  And,  they have given those of us who came out last night much to think about.

Or,  maybe they were preaching to the choir?  It was pretty obvious that many of the people who turned out came from the trenches of animal rescue,  worked in the animal industry as vets, vet techs or in dog obedience,  or volunteered at local animal shelters – like my son who came with me.

Some of that choir made the drive from Buffalo to watch this film.

So,  you might assume that a lot of us sitting in the theatre already knew a lot about the subject matter.   Even so,  there were things that surprised us.  And upset us.

As  much as I wanted to be able to quote from the statistical information that was used to bolster the canine-human interest stories detailed in this documentary film,  it was too dark to take notes as I sat in the audience.  You really should get this first-hand so pay attention to where this film will be shown next.  If it’s not already coming to your town, find out how you can make that happen.

Rather than waste any more time,  let’s get to the heart of the matter:  How can legislators be so f—–g stupid? 

Where is it written with Any  Kind of Absolute Truth that ANY breed of dog is born vicious?  Who appointed themselves King of the World and came up with THAT blindingly ignorant statement?

Perhaps we need to come up with a few out-side-the-box counter measures?  Because we absolutely must.

Try this on for size:  How about a Check List outlining the traits that legislators must have? Things that they can be held accountable for?  If each legislator scores with a minimum of five stupid people characteristics,  he/she has 48 hours to agree to volunteering at a local animal shelter for 90 days or they can be summarily kicked out of office. And, they have to pay a $100,000 Stupid People Insurance Tax?

Public school teachers are being taken down that accountability path.  Why should public officials be exempt?

Now that my ranting and raving is done (at least for now), here’s one more idea to toss out into the ring:  given the rallying cry of Beyond The Myth – Educate, Don’t Legislate – how about we fight this where it makes sense to fight it?

In classrooms,  in neighborhood communities,  and in the courts?

And,  because it takes money to educate responsibly, why not start a “Everybody Give One Dollar” fund?  We take up a collection,  pool the money and a good chunk of it goes to the folks in Denver, Colorado and Miami Dade County, Florida and San Francisco, Ca who are already committed to fighting this out in the court room?

Choose the state you want to help the most,  people and let’s get to work!  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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    Loved your post. The preaching to the choir reference is all too true. It seems whenever an important film, book, article surfaces, the audience who takes note are usually animal folks. I wish there was a way to include the silent majority.

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