Pit Bull Awareness Day 2011

Meet Spuds.  A steal-your-heart-dog.  How do I know this?  Because he stole mine.

Gotta be that patch around his eye.  I am a sucker for eye patches.  Maybe it’s the white tip at the end of his tail.  Could be that raised front leg.  Kind of a jaunty step,  don’t you think?

Spuds looks like a dog that knows where he’s going.  Good thing that he KNOWS.

Because he’s blind.

Here’s what his Guardian Angel has to say about Spuds:

“Spuds was adopted out from the shelter and came back as a stray and blind!  We think that the blindness is due to some sort of blunt force trauma and we are trying to raise funds to help heal his eyesight.

He gets around marvelously and loves fluffy toys.  He is a friend to everyone and every dog.”

He’s a California dog now safely housed with Reunion Rescue.  And, he’s got his very own adoption page where you can find out more about him.

I’ll bet he’s a rascal with a sense of humor.   And,  I’ll bet that he’s pretty darn resilient too.  Gotta be that eye patch.

On this blog,  here, today,  Spuds is going to represent his breed-type in honor of Pit Bull Awareness Day.  Which is today.  Which means that if you check out the dog events taking place in YOUR community, today, you just might find a dog like Spud.

And, maybe,  if everything in the universe comes together in perfect alignment today,  you might be deserving of adopting a dog that’s like Spud.

Or maybe even Spud himself.  But. That’s between you and Spud’s Guardian Angel.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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