20 Questions for Dog Lovers

1.   I wonder if dogs notice that it’s sunny outside or if they even care?

2.   Can dogs smell sunshine or do they just feel it?

3.   Do you think that dog-lovers are “different” than non-dog-lovers?

4.   Are kids raised with dogs better adjusted than kids raised without dogs?

5.   What about cats?

Don’t get me started on cats.

6.    Is it good to have a dog if you are an introvert?

7.    Do you feed your dog leftovers from your dinner plate?

8.    Do you have more than one dog?

9.    Does your dog(s) sleep in your bed?

10.  Do you take your dog with you on family vacations?

11.   Do you talk to your dog?

12.   Does your dog have a cool name?

13.   Do your friends think your dog looks like you?

14.   Is your dog smart?  How can you tell?

15.   Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?  Dress your dog up on Halloween?

Don’t get me started on Halloween.

16.   Did your dog ever run away?

17.   What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done with your dog?

18.   Did you ever give your dog a hard boiled egg … with the shell still on?

19.   Did your first dog die and break your heart so that you swore you’d never get another dog?

20.   And, did you?  Get another dog?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




  1. htkhp says

    Glad you like them and, thanks, in advance for crediting to me should you use some/all of them on your own blog. Which is lovely, by the way. When I need Boxer photos, I know who to call…email or find on Blog Paws!

  2. says

    I was just scrolling through my google reader, which is showing multiple posts from the new blogs I’ve just subscribed to. Questions 19 & 20 got me … Yes. Her name was Keeper. And yes, his name is Dozer. We were dog-less for almost 10 years. That was far too long.

    • htkhp says

      10 years is WAY too long. After we euthanized Diamond was when I realized that i never wanted to walk into a house empty of dogs. We lasted 6 months without a dog before getting our next one. But. It was about 10 years before I could bring another Great Dane into our house.

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