Help Mac the Cat Stop Sneezing

This is Mac.  He is 3-4 years old and rather a handsome looking cat.  And, like the other two cats that live with me,  he remains in relative obscurity on this blog.   Because,  for the most part,  this is a blog about living with dogs.

And  what you can learn about yourself when you live with dogs.

However,  at 6:31AM,  when It Happened Again,  causing me to scramble out of bed only to crash around in the darkness, almost falling over one very large, sleeping Great Dane, at the foot of the bed,  I decided that enough was enough.

It was time to end this.  It was time To Get Help.  So,  help me,  please.  Tell me what I can do to stop my cat,  Mac,  from  SNEEZING?

On me.  On the walls.  On the windows.  On the tops of my son’s and occasionally on my head.   Yuck.

Which is what happened this morning when Mac wandered into my bedroom, wanting breakfast  Naturally, he jumped to the top of the bed,  looked down at my sleeping head, and sneezed.  Not. On. Purpose.  (I don’t think.)

In my entire lifetime of living with cats,  which is a lot of years,  I have NEVER had a cat that sneezed the way that Mac sneezes.

He’s fond of sitting on top of the refrigerator.  Like a lot of cats,  he likes to jump up to high places and survey his territory.  And, he takes all of his meals up there unless he’s scarfing food from the other cat’s bowls.

But.  He’s polite about that.  Mac waits until they’re done before moving in for any nuggets they might have left behind.

The other thing he does while he’s sitting up there is SNEEZE.  Projectile sneezing that flies out of his nose — chunks of green snot that ricochet off the ceiling fan to land Somewhere Else.

More yuck.

The first time this happened,  I watched,  fascinated.  Mac would sneeze, not just once, but as many as 8-10 times or more in rapid succession.  After about six months of this,  my learned behavior response was to duck.

Finally,  my smart kid,  suggested we Take Mac to the Vet – that maybe there was Something Wrong.

And, so there was.   What our vet explained was that Mac had an upper respiratory infection.  We took Mac home with a prescription for antibiotics whiche we dutifully convinced Mac was in his best interests to swallow … and, Mac stopped sneezing.

For a short time.

When it Started Up Again,  we went back to the vet’s with Mac.  This time, our vet explained that this might be a chronic respiratory infection that Mac Might Always Have.

He said that sometimes,  rescue kittens catch this infection early on and it never goes away.

Background info about Mac:  Mac’s mom was a pregnant stray cat that the city animal control guy picked up.  When the city shelter couldn’t keep her any longer because they were too crowded with other cats,  another local shelter took Mac’s mom into their foster cat program.

They took very good care of her and, after she had her kittens,  they found homes for all of them.  Including Mac.  Especially Mac.

Neither animal shelter did anything wrong,  my vet explained.  Stray cats are exposed to all kinds of things and it wasn’t uncommon for shelter cats to catch yucky infections.

He sent us home with another round of antibiotics.  Which did the trick.  Mac stopped sneezing.

For another short while.

Here’s the thing.  I’d rather not have Mac be on a merry-go-round of antibiotics if we can come up with a holistic alternative to stop his SNEEZING.

This is where you come in.  I know you’re out there.  Other cat lovers.  Reading this and maybe having a good chuckle at my expense.  That’s okay with me as part of my role is to entertain you.

But.  I need your help.  What can I do for Mac?  What holistic treatment – one that’s easy to administer because,  let’s face it,  with cats,  that’s half the battle – can I use to stop Mac from sneezing FOREVER?

Please leave your suggestions for treatment in the box below.  Mac and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts and eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

And, better yet:  we’ll let you know what responses we get and what we try and what works!

Maybe, we’ll have a Give-Away contest with a GREAT prize for the winning recommendation.  A prize that cat-lovers would like.  Hmm.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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