Life With a Really Big Dog

This is a REALLY big dog.   And, this is one of a ga-zillion photos we have of him in one of his favorite poses:  looking over the fence.

This is Jasper.  And, in this photo,  he’s probably two years old.  Look at that blue-black coat.  And,  just the tiniest bit of dirt on his nose.

He likes to dig.

Our neighbors  like to walk past the house and call out his name so that if he’s out in the yard,  he’ll pop up and look over the fence at them.

Which he likes to do.  Which he still likes to do and now he’s 8 years old.  With a lot of grey in his muzzle.

Jasper is my husband’s dog.  He makes my husband smile.  Which is one reason why I posted this photo.

Truth be told,  this is a photo that is almost guaranteed to make ANYONE  smile.  Which is another reason why I posted this photo.  Maybe you need to smile today too.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


  1. htkhp says

    Jasper has been doing that since he got big enough to have his front paws reach the top of the fence. If you go backwards through my posts, you should be able to see some of the more current ones — he’ll have a LOT of grey in his muzzle but he can still look over the fence.

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