Two Dogs Talking

Two dogs talking – the lighter side of butt-ugly: 

He said:     What is worry?

She said:     I think it’s something that humans do.

He said:       I don’t think it’s much fun for them.

She said:     I think you’re right.

He said:      Can they stop doing it?

She said:     Stop what?  Worrying?

He said:      Yes.

She said:    I suppose they could if they wanted to.

He said:      Grown-ups seem to worry more than children.

She said:     I’ve noticed that too.  Why do you suppose that’s true?

He said:      Grown ups carry Big Things that Get in Their Way.

She said:     What big things?

He said:      Big Things like Disappointment,  Envy and Getting Side-tracked.

She said:     Some of them Hold Grudges too.

He said:      Do you think they’ll ever figure it out?

She said:     I sure hope so.

He said:       Say good night, Gracie.

She said:     Good night, Gracie…….   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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