Not a Cutesy Dog Post

The grass is crunchy this morning.  And sparkly – stiff.  The dogs and I are awake early and I am relatively intact enough to enjoy it.

Which means that we’ve got our first official frost.  Not a hard, but a soft frost; an early morning oxymoron.

Which means that the cold that’s been dogging my heels since last weekend is not so much noticeable and the pain from an inflamed frozen shoulder is almost down to nothing.

Which means that my flexibility is on the mend and soon it will be time to really walk the dogs again.

In the meantime, we waltz around the backyard in the pitch dark,  the dogs stepping higher around the crunchy grass.  In a clear sky, the Big Dipper casts its shape low overhead and I am certain that there are more important things than me going on in the universe.

But.  I can still affect some kind of change in my own part of it.

Because I want to.  Because what would be the point otherwise?

But.  Just in case I get a Grand Sense of my Own Importance,  the dogs are there to remind me that sometimes,  it’s okay to be cute.

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