Do I Know One Sure Thing?

I know that as sure as the early morning seeps into my consciousness,  one of my cats will start the ritual “wake her up so that she can feed us routine” and that as much as I try to ignore it,  that will be one sure thing.

And, I know that as sure as my son calls me several times in a day, he will always start out with, “Hey, it’s me…”

I know that if we are milling around in the kitchen,  getting a meal together,  listening to an audio book, while one of us keeps the counter tops cleared and the dishes washed, that eventually the dogs will wander in and settle into places that are not underfoot.

I know that at varying times throughout the day,  my neighbors will take turns appearing up and down the street,  walking dogs or walking each other.

I know that most of the time, I will be juggling reading 3-4 books,  missing my family,  remembering something about my grandparents,  mentally sorting through my “Just Get it Done” list,  or making time for a phone call to a friend,  or texting my niece who I love more than life itself…

How did it happen that she was once the toddler we nicknamed Kato-potato (she will kill me for this),  who is now just shy of or just over 30 years old?  Still delightful,  still a smart mouth,  but that would be my entire family, so

you could say that she comes by it honestly.

This is another one sure thing that I know:

That the Friday night Specials at Donnelly’s will be amazing and fabulous,  that after almost five years without a TV, we will probably never have one,  that some cats take a damn long time to die,  that my best meal – the  only one that I make – will be meat loaf.

That despite what I swore to myself years ago, that I might (maybe) foster a dog,  just not today.  Or tomorrow,  but

Maybe some day.

That if I show up here,  every day,  no matter what happens,  with a curiosity about what I can do,  looking for what kind of serious or fun vein I can mine for material,  that if I can produce even poor prose,  that it will be one sure thing.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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