Saturday afternoon. Be Inspired. Books and Walking Dogs.

Saturday afternoon;  a not-so-dreary day because I got over to one of my most favorite,  woman-owned businesses in Bushnell’s Basin:  Be Inspired.   And GOT inspired.

Some days you need to leave the dogs at home.  And, this was one of those times.

The shop itself,  Be Inspired,  started off in the village of Fairport as The Pitcher of Health.   If I was feeling up it,  I could,  literally, walk there.  It was north of the railroad tracks on the right side of Main Street.

The best laid plans almost always change,  yes?  When the building that housed The Pitcher of Health was sold,  the two women who owned this business,  had to find a new place for their store.

And they did.  And, they changed the name.  And, they hunkered down and expanded product lines;  all with an eye to stocking “a blend of naturally healing and inspiring gifts.”

Naturally healing.  There is good energy here;  soothing,  sparkly, creative energy.  And, there is grit and determination here too – to keep building a viable,  sustainable business despite the challenging economy.

And, they are SO doing that.   Come out and see;  then stay.   Become part of it.  You will find wonderful things in this shop to help you on your own path to healing naturally.

Waiting For Books

Can’t wait for the coming week.  Books are coming.  I’ve been reaching out to authors and publishers via email,  asking for advance copies,  and now have three,  different-themed dog books coming.

It feels like an early Christmas.

Walking Dogs

My husband and Jasper stepped off the beaten path yesterday,  long enough for an 8 year old dog to get away from the neighborhood sidewalks out onto a decent trail.

Long enough for my husband to remember one of the things that’s good about having dogs.  Taking those zen-like rambles through the woods so that you physically push yourself and mentally clear your head.  Best of all,  your dog gets tired out.

And,  you both have fun.

Dogs will easily open that door for you.  The one that leads to seemingly aimless stuff – like hiking trails on a weekend afternoon after running errands.  Where 20 minutes can be the journey of a lifetime.

And don’t we all need more of that?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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