Woman and Dog Walking in Washington Grove.

Tangible proof that we are here.  Washington Grove.   Images that you can see and understand.  Tessa and I standing.

“Woman and Dog Walking.”  Makes a good title for a blog post, doesn’t it?

Tessa gets to air-sniff and I get to watch her do that.  Neither of us can see what she takes in through her nose.  But,  we both understand that all of those unseen “things” are real.

Ahead of us,  the path beckons.  Something else that we can see.  Be sure of.

What we can’t see, what we don’t yet know,  is what we’ll find along the path.  Up there.  Around the bend.

Out of sight.

I’m pretty sure there will be more trees,  more light and Something That Might Be More. Because,  standing here and looking over to the left side of THIS path,  I can sense something ethereal.

Something that invites me to suspend my belief in the ordinary.  To believe in the things that we don’t always see.

But, if there is just more of the same,  more trees,  more light and more enticing smells for Tessa,  that will be okay.

Because more of the same lets me watch Tessa.  And, some days,  that’s all you need.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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