Believe In The Unexpected And in Ordinary Things.


Believe in the unexpected.   Did faeries leave this behind one night for the rest of us to literally stumble across?  Each of us to make of it what we would?

And how long has it been here surprising dog walkers in Washington Grove or those solitary walkers armed with just their cell phones?

Which means that they might not have been Paying Attention.


Believe in the things that you can’t see but that are real nonetheless.  Your creativity however you choose to express it.

Be it designing a bridge.  Writing a song.  Cooking a gourmet meal … from scratch.  Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread presented on a plate that was part of your mother’s wedding set,  if that’s the best of your cooking adventures.

Maybe it’s the time and dedication you take to work with your dog to do something on a Grand Scale.  Like a MACH title.  Or doing the work to be part of a search and rescue group.  Walking in heel position around your neighborhood despite the distractions of Other People’s Dogs.

Or maybe you do something with Other People’s Dogs.  The dogs that end up in animal shelters through no fault of their own.   And you dedicate two hours, one day out of the week,  to show up and to walk as many of them as you can.


In the things that nobody sees but that are real.  Deliberate intent.  Giving your word. Taking a risk.   Being scared,  but taking that risk anyway.

Don’t fight the silence that can lead you down the path of who you are.  Believe in that more than anything else and not much will take you off course in your life.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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