My Smart Cat – Home From the Vets

This is my smart cat.  Mewsette.  She tips the scales at just over 7 pounds and she is almost 16 years old.  And, this is how she looked AFTER we visited the vets on Friday.

Turns out getting her there wasn’t too difficult.  There are three doors in the kitchen:  two leading into the rest of the house and one at the head of the stairs leading down to the basement.  Closed all three doors while Breakfast is Being Served  and all that remained was for my son to pop her into the cat carrier.

Not the struggle I thought it might be.  Sometimes, we get lucky that way.

She got a steroid shot to help calm her allergies; we came home with a bottle of ear drops for the yucky out-of-control ear infections she has.

That was my fault for not getting her to the vets earlier.  I feel horrible about this.

We came home with some ear drops; she got a steroid shot to help with her allergies and she seems to be  more content;  more herself.  She spent the rest of Friday sleeping in the kitchen with my senior whippet.

Two elderly divas.  Although you can’t tell by looking at either of them.  Josephine,  my whippet,  is pretty darn limber and Mewsette can still jump up to the top of the kitchen cabinet where she’s always liked to sleep.

They have Things on Their Agendas.  Things that revolve around food and sleeping.

Josephine’s always up for a romp while Mewsette,  an inside cat,  wouldn’t be caught dead “on a romp.”   Not her style.

She’s content to wrap her elegant tail tightly around her body as she settles in for a nap.  And,  that seems to be enough.  For now.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


  1. Scott says

    ey kathy! this is great! i’m glad to hear that mewsette is back to her cushy life at home and that she’s doing better. she did very well in the office. it’s nice to see the “other side” of our patients’ lives on your blog. to be honest, i’ve never blogged, commented on blogs or even really read a blog but i enjoyed your passages. take care!


    • htkhp says

      She’s been getting these shots for years; finally, it was the only thing that helped to keep a rather severe allergy condition in check. My challenge is always the conversation I have with myself about the affects of long term steroid use.

  2. says

    My five month old kitten is 6.5 pounds and growing every day. I would love it if she would stay little like your cutie, but I guess she’ll grow as big as she grows!! We have had two rounds of attempting to treat ear mites (she had them when we got her from a farm) and she hates, hates, hates ear drops. Any advice on how to get them in her ears without a major kitty freak out?

    • htkhp says

      If I could put my husband in a box and mail him to you, I would. Except that he wouldn’t be here to dose MY kitty. What I’ve found is that if you’ve married well (and by this I mean me), what one of you doesn’t do especially well, the “other half” does. In this case, my husband handles all of the administering of ear drops. And, as you might guess – or not – he’s a fabulous, gourmet cook and the best I can do is really excellent coffee.

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