The Death of My Computer

Nothing like dropping out of sight for 4 days and boy do I wish it was due to something exotic like an extended vacation along the Outer Banks. I have always wanted to visit the Outer Banks.

Didn’t happen.

Not even close.

How about the death of … my computer.  Sunday morning, minding my own business, checking out the state of the world as reported via various online news sites,  I sat quietly, nursing my coffee and watched my computer screen shut down.  No fanfare.  And It Wouldn’t Come Back.

You can find out a lot about yourself when this happens.  Kind of like a test of character.  Things got pretty ugly for a while, inside my head, where I do talk with myself occasionally.

I left the house.  Twice.  The first time I walked to the Methodist Church over on Main Street.  It was Sunday, after all.  Church services had ended a few hours before my walk.  But.  The drop off bin for recycled clothes is located in the church parking lot and that’s where I was headed.  One not-so-heavy plastic bag of clothes I could no longer wear got unceremoniously tossed into the open slot of the bin;  I got to get rid of some negative, frustrated energy at the same time.


Back at the house, my husband and my son sat opposite each other at the dining room table,  each peering into computer screens while their assorted fingers tapped across keyboards.  I call this “dueling computers.”  They do this late at night because they are both night owls.  Today,  in my agitated state,  I silently watched them.  This Was So Not Fair.

I left the house again.  This time,  I drove the less than five minutes it takes to get to the library, parked on a side street and walked through the small park outside of the library around to the book drop off and dumped two books into the slot.

I still had some frustrated energy bottled up and when my husband suggested we get started with the plans we had previously made for today,  I decided that I could keep on feeling frustrated because My Computer Had Died or I could leave the house a third time.

With my husband.  And enjoy the day.

And we did just that.  It was a gorgeous weather day,  completely atypical for November in this part of New York state.  Lots of sun, temperatures in the 60’s; perfect for taking photographs and prowling around the city.

You’ll have to check back later for the tangible proof of this mini-adventure.  We headed for the downtown public library – you’d think we’d get tired of libraries, but we don’t.  Right next to the library is a parking garage that does allow access up the roof … where you can take spectacular photographs.  Which my husband did.  As did another guy who was already up there when we showed up.

Yep.  Check back later.

We spent a lot of time along the river walk in the Corn Hill section of the city before driving over to the U of R to walk the campus.  It’s been a long time since I walked that campus.  It’s a beautiful place.  You run into a lot of Rochester history there.

We didn’t talk about too much that was serious.  Except for one time when we were standing underneath this huge Beech tree that the Class of ’37 had planted.  The question of what I was going to do about the Death Of My Computer came up.  We decided that it was time to buy a new one.

And the rest of my bottled up frustration fizzled up in a poof of smoke and disappeared.  Although, to tell the truth, that frustration had “poofed” somewhere between the rooftop and the walk along the river.

In the Larger Scheme Of Things:  the serenity of the afternoon – one of those gifts that is just handed to you where the day conspires to be perfect – there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of space for a dead computer – it’s more important to be out in the world.

In the meantime.

It’s a bit awkward typing on my husband’s lap top at the end of the day instead of in the very early morning hours when nobody is up except me.  And, I’ll be back to that soon.  In the meantime,  what I have is a wonderful suspension of self-imposed deadlines; a few more days to play hookey.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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