Washing Everything Clean

Washed clean and back online.   Online with a brand new hard drive,  key board and mouse.  Back up in my study – it’s a bit cleaner because I’ve been pitching stuff – Tessa is settled on her dog bed along the far wall,  and,  we’re settling into a quiet Veteran’s Day.

Washed clean.   Almost no icons on my desk top.  So no “visual” clutter.  Sitting here feels “lighter.”  And there’s an air of discovery as I sit here, typing;  getting familiar with the

feel of a new keyboard.  Wonder how I’ll handle all of the up-dated software?

Outside my study window,  November is finally making itself felt.  We’ve had everything from brilliant sunshine to grey overcast clouds spitting out ice pellets since I rolled out of bed at 7AM.

Winds out of Canada are sweeping leaves off of trees, except for the evergreens:  pines, spruce trees,  and holly;  washing everything clean.

This is about the time I start playing head games with myself.  It’s going to get a lot colder and I’m not a big fan of outdoor, winter sports.  Not so easy to slip out the door and walk through the village over to the canal when it’s icy and “blizzardy.”

The neighborhood goes into a seasonal, hibernation period;  dog walks are quickly done instead of  leisurely handled.  I start talking to myself as I gear up for a five month stretch of winter.

I call it “playing mind over matter.”  One of my husband’s friends, who’s lived here for almost 30 years,  put this another way.

“You need to get a hobby over the winter months,”  he smiled.

And, we upstate New Yorkers are a hardy bunch.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that we don’t let too much get in our way when the weather takes a really bad turn for the worse.

We suck it up and Get There.

The winds are picking up.  There’s more grey than blue in the sky.  Leaves are sailing past my window.  Washing everything clean.

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