Lollypop – The New Kid, uh Pup on The Block

This is Lollypop.  She’s the new kid on the block.   Can you tell that she’s just a puppy?

What was your first clue?

She’s going to be a big girl.  Her mom weighs in at over 180 pounds.  When you’re a Mastiff that’s how it goes.

Lollypop lives with two little girls and their parents.  And, Lollypop loves kids.  She also loves the kid’s dad when she’s not trying to put one over on him.

She will let you roll her on the ground and put your fingers in her mouth.  And, she’ll offer her paw when she’s being introduced.

And, she’s going to dog school.  With the dad.  So that when she gets REALLY big,  she will not be a Handful.

The dad is looking around for a bigger car.

He waited 5 years before deciding to get Lollypop.  While he waited,  he took his family to dog shows and to Mastiff events to meet other Mastiffs and their owners.  To find out the difference between Labrador Retrievers and Mastiffs … because his first dog had been a Big Yellow (really white) Lab called Amadeus.

Amadeus was Really Big.  For a lab.


Lollypop is going to be WAY bigger.

Her breeder doesn’t think that she’ll drool too much. That will be nice.  Some Mastiffs end up in shelters because their owners didn’t like the fact that their dog drools.  Like the 4 year old female Mastiff that showed up on Pet Finders over the weekend.

Breeders and shelters.  Seems odd to use these two words in the same paragraph.  Like they Like Each Other.

Lollypop’s owner wanted a Mastiff and he wanted a puppy.  He did his homework before making the decision to bring Lollypop home.  So, that he knew how really BIG Lollypop would get to be.  And, he was okay with the fact that she might drool.

And, he knew that he’d be going to dog school with Lollypop.  And, he has a Really Big, Fenced Back Yard.

These are all the things that responsible people do BEFORE bringing home a dog.  No matter whether that dog comes from a breeder or comes from an animal shelter.

Because it’s okay to get a dog from a breeder just as it’s okay to adopt a dog from an animal shelter.  Just think.

If I hadn’t told you that Lollypop came from a Mastiff breeder – if I left it up to your imagination – could you have said with 100% accuracy where she came from?  Cuteness doesn’t care.

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