Meet Rochester’s Naked Guy …

I kind of like that there is a naked guy watching over my city.  Naked?  Really.  This might actually be where the phrase,  “Rochester is an old boy’s network,” had its beginnings.

With this naked guy.

Talk about putting someone up on a pedestal!  There he is.  And, on a clear day, you can see…

Well,  you can see.

Two  weekends ago,  we left the dogs at home and took off to have a dog-less adventure.   We headed downtown and made our first stop the Rundel public library.  Where we browsed and loaded up on print books and audio books with the steely determination of Serious Readers.

We do not kid around when it comes to reading.

And, we’re pretty serious about dog-less adventures;  mini-getaways that we plan when we’re not certain where we’ll be going and would rather not risk finding out that dogs aren’t welcome.

Cameras are welcome almost everywhere and so when we had had our fill of the library, we grabbed that and headed for higher ground.

Higher ground being the roof top of the parking garage that’s right next door to the library.  Where we had a clear view of the naked guy… more formally known as the Greek god, Mercury.

He’s been shaking his fist at the sky above Rochester, NY for a long time.  Or,  maybe not fist-shaking.  Could be he’s asking the other gods for their blessings on my fair city.

Which has the reputation of being more cloudy than fair.  Like Seattle, WA.  Wonder if Seattle has their own naked guy watching over them?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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