Paradise is Another Day of Mild Weather And Dogs

We have been at the bottom of a rabbit hole of fabulously mild weather for more almost two weeks.  Trust me.  I pay attention to these things.  Like everybody else here in my neck of the woods because the weather – what it’s doing at any given moment – is a MAJOR topic of discussion.

We like to be On Top of It.

This morning,  when I slipped out the back door with Tessa and Josephine,  to oversee their first bathroom break and to ground myself in my first gathering of zen energy,  I gambled on not needing anything heavier than the over-sized hooded sweatshirt and the handwoven wool scarf draped around my neck.  A last minute fashion statement?

No.  I like to be warm.  All.  The. Time.

Much to my surprise and quiet delight,  the balmy air that greeted me was what I would consider to be a small miracle.  It’s mid-November after all.

It was too late in the morning to see the stars — and overcast anyway.  The first shift of school buses were ka-rooming around the corners of side streets and one of my neighbors was making some kind of racket that sounded like the banging of a metal can against something equally loud.

A weather reprieve today.  Still time to rake leaves,  clear drainpipes,  walk into the village proper to Take Care of Some Things, and a few opportunities to work with Tessa out in the backyard.

We started yesterday with 10 minutes of me being the most compelling presence in Tessa’s world:  I had the Treat Bag and she was eager to do everything in her power to Get Some of That.

Including a focused and sweet, right-on-the-money return when I said, “Tessa, come.”

It’s going to be another good day.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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