Happy Early Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Yesterday,  I sent out an early “Happy Thanksgiving” message to all of the folks who opted in to receive emails from me.  Want to be on that list too?  Look over to the right side of your computer screen and if the title of my free report intrigues you,  type in your name and primary email address and see what happens next!

Or not.  Your choice.

Here then,  is yesterday’s email:

Hi everyone,  
I promised that I would not inundate you with a lot of “stuff.”  It 
has been a while since most of you have heard from me and,
as we enter the Season of Thanksgiving, I wanted to get an early
start with that.  
It’s also time to catch you up on what’s happening over at Healing
Rescue Dogs.
I’ve started an Interview Series. The first one went live on Nov 14th
in a two-part blog post.  Maria Wagner and her family are the most
Amazing Foster Family on The Planet!  
What they do literally takes my breath away.  Be sure to read their 

There have been some additions to the Resources page.  If it’s been
a while since you’ve checked it out,  you might want to take a peek.
More books and a not-for-profit web site that describes how one 
organization supports retired military dogs.  Might be more to discover
after you’ve read this email.  
And, now for the best part.  Thank you. 
Thank you for finding my blog and for deciding you liked it
enough to keep coming back. 
Thank you for telling your friends about me, for taking the time to
post comments, and, for privately emailing me to let me know how
much you’re enjoying my content.
It means the world to me. 

May you and your family (human and canine, feline, feathered and
shod) find peace and contentment this Thanksgiving.  
Warm regards,

What I’m finding means more to me than anything else in the world are the friendships I’ve nurtured over the years that (along with my family) do mean the world to me.  And, so, into whatever category you fall:  whether you’re brand new to my blog or if you’ve been with me from the beginning,  Thank you. 

For finding Healing Rescue Dogs in the first place.  For liking the content.  For trusting my message.  For coming back.

And, in this season of so much uncertainty,  my wish for you and your families, is that you find ways to celebrate and make the coming year of 2012 your own Season of Thanksgiving.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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