Coincidence or Does The Universe Have a Plan For Me?

Coincidence or does the universe have a plan for me?  Always an interesting question and over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching as Things Have Been Lining Up.  Like there was a plan already in place.

And, all I have to do is follow the signs.

Sign Number One:  I read Jon Katz’ latest book,  Going Home – Finding Peace When Pets Die.  Like the rest of his “invisible audience,” –  those of us who read his blog every day – I knew about this book before it was even published.

Because Katz blogs about it.

After the book comes out, Katz blogs about how he is promoting it:  the book tour and the people he met along the way.  One of the women he meets and beccomes intrigued with is an Animal Communicator.

Sign Number Two:   I read The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer – Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers, by Doug Koktavy.  Koktavy describes  himself as a guy who lived in a “carefully constructed world.”

The world that a “beer-and-a-shot,”  former ice hockey jock turned into a professional lawyer – “… a commercial law attorney wrapped in the daily micromanagement of ego and control,” is comfortable with.

That he is no longer that person is one of the things he makes clear in the ‘Author’s Note’ of his book.  His intent, in writing this book,  is to reveal what happened to him as his dogs’ fatal illnesses became the catalyst for his  ” inward expedition.”

I like that phrase.  It’s an apt description of the journey each of us can take if we choose.

Interestingly enough,  early on in Beezer and Boomer,  Koktavy initiates conversations with not one but two Animal Communicators.

Sign Number Three:   I write a blog post about one of my cats.  She has an ear infection and I reach out to my blog readers to see if anyone knows of a holistic alternative to the more typical western forms of treatment that might help her.

And, I share that blog post on Facebook.

Coincidence or does the universe have a plan for me? 

Three-four days after I share that post on Facebook,  I receive an email from a woman who saw that post on the wall of one of my friends. And she sends me an email asking if she can help.  It’s a charming email.

Her name is Sandi Athey and one of her special gifts is that she is an Animal Communicator. I send her an email reply and we set up a time to talk.  In Real Time.  On the phone.

That conversation happened yesterday.

Neither one of us believes in coincidence.  We’re comfortable with the fact that Things Happen For Reasons.  And we talk for quite a while.  Letting the conversation flow.

Having no preconceived outcome.

Toward the end of the conversation,  Sandi suggests that I download her ‘Critter e-book’ after we get off the phone.  And I do just that.

One of the topics she covers is the significance of animal totems.  I become intrigued and click through to where she has provided detailed information about that.  One of the animals I read about is The Frog.

Just to the right of my keyboard, squatting on my desk, is a beautifully carved frog made out of jade.  Over on the small book case, are statues of two more frogs.  One made out of another type of polished stone, the other carved from wood.

Behind me, on my library table, is a HUGE stuffed animal.  A frog.  There’s a red stuffed heart on his stuffed, green chest with the words “Love You” embroidered on it.  My son gave this one to me.

Out in the second floor hallway,  on the top shelf of a bookcase,  is another good-sized statue of a frog.  This one comes in two parts.  So that you can store small charms or keepsakes inside of it.

Scattered about, downstairs,  are more frogs.  They don’t completely dominate the rooms on the first floor.  They’re tucked into small spaces so that you become aware of them gradually.

My husband and my son have been giving me frog statues for years.  And, there’s an interesting story behind that – a story that includes 30 women drinking margaritas on a summer night in the backyard of a good friend of mine many years ago.

But.  That’s a story for another time.

This is the time of Animal Communicators.  And what they know. And what we need to know about What They Know.

That’s if you too, believe that the universe has a plan for you.

I wonder what the plan is for me?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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