Grey Sky And Water Take You Inside Yourself

Grey.  Both the sky and water are a gun metal grey.  Contemplative colors.  Colors that draw you inward.

Kind of makes  you want to hunker down into yourself.  Maybe hibernate.  At the very least, take a nap.

Unless you are a deep sea diver.  Or a sea gull.  In which case,  color might be irrelevant.  What the deep sea diver pays attention to are underwater currents and depth.  What the sea gull pays attention to are air currents and places to land.

You can’t “see” underwater or air currents. Most of the time.


You can feel them.  All. Of. The. Time.

They’re a necessary part of how we get from Here to There.

Depth is a little more abstract.  Unless you find yourself completely OUT of your depth.  In which case,  the danger is that you might drown.

And, places to land?

Those are what we call  “safe harbors.”  And, they are not always visible.

Sometimes,  we have to take that Leap Of Faith,  trusting that they will be there.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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