We Walked All Three Dogs. And What I Learned.

We walked all three dogs on Saturday and my upper body still aches and I raised a blister on my pinky finger – on the  hand that held the leash.  But that was afterwards.  When we were back in our yard and I was about to take Tessa through the gate.

Which was when she charged the neighbor’s white cat.

Which was when part of the leash slid alongside my pinky finger and raised the blister.  Ah, Tessa my sweet street urchin.

You and I have work to do.  Before the snow gets here.  And when it snows.  And, after it snows.  Until what we do becomes habit so that it becomes what we do without thinking about it.

My having frozen shoulder for so long is a good part of what Set Us Back from all of that lovely obedience work we did last year.  Combine THAT with your insistence on guarding the house All The Time regardless of whether you are Inside or Out In The Yard …

And your High Energy level and We Have Got A LOT of Work To Do.

We are back to using the Anxiety Wrap – although I’ve decided to rename it the Calming Wrap.  Not that we stopped using it.  But. We’ll go back to using it frequently.

Back to aromatherapy oils.  Lavender oil ear massages.  Gail’s calming spray.  Leash work along the sidewalk in the back yard with mouth-watering treats.  And walks OUT of the neighborhood at first so that we can work on “focus” and ‘watch me.”

Re-directing the “oh-my-gosh-there’s-someone-walking-past-my-house-with-a-dog-and-I-HAVE-to-jump-up-on-the-back-of-the-sofa-push-my-head-between-the-slats-of-the-blinds-against-the-window-and-BARK-my-fool-head-off-and-THEN-I-have-to-charge-upstairs-race-through-the-hallway-to-the-master-bedroom-JUMP-onto-the-bed-so-that-I-can-look-OUT-the-second-floor-window-and-bark-furiously-because-I-HAVE-TO …

Protect My People.

This is Tessa in “reactive mode,”  a mind set that she is in most of the time.  Except for when she’s sorting through the smells that come to her on the currents of air as she stands motionless outside in the yard.

Hard to believe that all of that whirling energy lives in an eighteen pound body!  That she was harder to walk by herself;  that my husband effortlessly walked our Great Dane AND our whippet – a combined weight of 195 POUNDS – alongside of me.


Never mind that these are our “senior dogs.”  There was a time when the Dane was a handful.  When he was MUCH younger and had a LOT more energy.  And we worked through all of that.

Never mind indeed.  One of us (me not Tessa) knows better.  One of us (me not Tessa) Forgot to Pay Attention.  One of us (me not Tessa) let herself get caught up in that “small dog syndrome” of  “she’s SO cute.”

Well.  She showed me, didn’t she?  Blisters and body aches are NOT cute.  Neither is having an-out-of-control-dog-at-the-end-of-your-leash.  Focus and watch me.

Focus. And Watch Us.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]







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