Maybe It’s Time For Me To Talk With My Dogs

Talking with my dogs – always a one-sided conversation inside of my head. What do you think might happen if I took this dialogue to the next level?

You know.  The level where you you listen to what your dog has to say.  Which is different than understanding how to interpret their body language.  Which is something I’m pretty good at doing.

As almost always happens, when I start off in a new direction,  you can bet that I’ve picked up a book or two on whatever has caught my interest.  And on THIS topic, I’m two books and one blog post ahead.

What Animals Tell me – True Stories of an Animal Communicator,  by Dr Monica Diedrich and Beyond ObedienceTraining With Awareness For You & Your Dog, by April Frost.

Let’s see where this goes.

Questions taken from Beyond Obedience – Training With Awareness For You And Your Dog,  by April Frost. (Chapter 2, pages 42 – 44.)

Answers freely given by me with insights from my dogs:  Jasper,  Josephine and Tessa.

Brief dog bios:  Jasper is our Great Dane.  He turns 9 in December.  Josephine is our 13/14 year old Whippet.  Tessa is our 2/3 year old mix-breed.  On any given day, we’re constantly asking ourselves what her mix is.  People who have met her (breed knowledgeable people) have picked up physical attributes and behavioral traits of the   Pharoah Hound,  Italian Greyhound and/or Miniature Pincsher.

The more time I spend with Tessa and the more I read about Min Pins, the more I suspect that this is her strongest genetic inheritance.

But.  That’s another blog post!

Question:  Is your dog excitable or inhibited?  Excitable dogs vent things outward.  They jump on doors and pull people,  pull on leads, bark at things, and express everything outwardly when they are excited or stressed.

Inhibited dogs can become very introverted and can literally become unable to function. (page 42; Frost)


Jasper    –    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 the very bottom of the introverted barrel and 10 off the charts with out-of-control excitement,  Jasper’s a middle-of-the-road kind of guy.  He’s got that “size thing” going;  that attitude of:

“I’m the biggest dog on the block, in the neighborhood, on this side of the village;  probably in the ENTIRE village …So, I’ll  just stand here and Be Big.  And Be Quiet.  And look regal.  Because I Can.

He’s a 6.

Josephine   –    On a scale of 1-10,  with 1 the very bottom of the introverted barrel and 10 off the charts with out-of-control excitement,  Josephine is my amazing whippet.  She’s, dare I say it, almost the perfect dog. Walks like a dream.  Is very demure.  That’s high-brow language for laid-back.  Mellow.

She’s a 4.

Tessa    –     On a scale of 1-10, with 1 the very bottom of the introverted barrel and 10 off the charts with out-of-control excitement, Tessa is my whirling dervish.

She jumps straight up from a standing position.  To my shoulder height or more.  Without making a sound.  While I’m putting her breakfast together.

No barking.  Not. A. Peep.  Just the jack-in-the-box jumping.

She pulls on lead.  She barks selectively.  She’s definitely “out there.”  High prey drive.  Very food motivated.  Somewhat stressed.  Sometimes.  But.  Sweet.

She’s an 8.

The numbers are my own idea.  Not sure if they’ll help or hinder the direction I’m going towards.  And, right this second?  I’m the only one talking.

Can you hear me?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




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