Working The Early Shift.

This is my house at 5AM when my husband gets up at 4:30AM because he’s working the early shift.

Alarm goes off at 4:15AM.  Which does nothing for the cats because they  – the two boys – are already up and Waiting To Be Fed.

Fifteen minutes later, my husband s-l-o-wl-y eases out of bed and makes his way to the shower.  Shower noises follow.

Husband gets out of the shower.  Toweling, getting dressed and going downstairs noises follow.  Two cats – the boys – hit the ground with loud thumps and chase those noises downstairs.  Breakfast awaits.

Back upstairs, Tessa is VERY interested and has already started to skip around the floor.  Jasper’s not physically moving but He is Awake.  Because he is my husband’s heart’s desire and Knows That His Human Is Moving.

The sounds of kitty nuggets hitting stainless steel cat bowls punctuate the early morning silence.  If Josephine is downstairs – and oftentimes she is – there might be the sound of the Back Door Opening So That She Can Go Outside.

Upstairs,  Tessa is Very Alert.

Very soon, there is the sound of the back door opening again followed by stillness.  Shortly followed by sounds of a car engine starting up,  a car door slamming, and the swoosh of the Car Leaving.

It’s 5AM and time for the rest of the Dog And Pony Show.

The cats – the two boys – are Back Upstairs.  I’m s-l-o-w-l-y easing Out of Bed.  Tessa has already pranced out into the hallway, making at least one trip downstairs.

Jasper – whose normal behavior is to Sleep Soundly Until 10AM or 11AM at the latest – Is Standing.  Waiting.  160 pounds of black Great Dane so perfectly concealed by darkness that I manage to bump into him at least twice.

The next 30 minutes are a carefully orchestrated dance of putting the coffee on, taking dogs outside, feeding dogs and pouring coffee (for me).  By 5:30AM,  We Are All Back Upstairs.

Including Jasper,  who much to my astonishment, has had a Bit Of Something To Eat, taken his first Morning Constitutional outside in the yard before lumbering Back Upstairs To Bed.

And then it Gets Very Quiet.  Except for the clicking sounds of my fingers hitting the keyboard.

If you take Jasper OUT of the equation,  this is a typical Early Morning at My House.  Seems I have ALWAYS been an early riser getting some of my Best Work done between the hours of 5AM and 9AM.

Like writing my entire Master’s thesis.

During my classroom teaching days,  I was the one who got up at 4AM so that I could walk into a school building be 6:3oAM.

Long before that, growing up as one of five kids – all of whom stayed up VERY late – 5AM was the only time that our house was Quiet.  And that became my Best Time.

Funny how that works.  We are all Creatures of Habit.  Most of the time.  Even without that alarm clock.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



  1. htkhp says

    Glad you thought the story was “cool,” Alex. Sorry you didn’t like the random capitalization. (And, as a former English teacher, had someone handed in an essay or a research paper that played around with this kind of thing, I might have reacted just like you did.) Blogging’s a slightly more forgiving environment when it comes to how writers choose to express themselves. And, my use of random capitalization is me “pushing the envelope” with how I emphasize ideas or the emotions behind them. I’ll keep your frustration in mind when I write future posts.

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