Shop Black Friday or Be Inspired By Artists & Healers

As a counterpoint to the shopping madness that inflicts the American Consumer on this day (otherwise known as Black Friday),  I thought I’d share a few of my most favorite and inspirational artists and healers with you.

Just in case you’re tired of crowded parking lots and mass produced “stuff.”

1.    Two Hawks Gallery    –    I met Dave and Lee years ago on one of their treks to Rochester to participate in an event held at the Rochester Museum of Science.  During my novice days of being attracted to stones and crystals without understanding why.

I’ve been to their gallery several times;  have sought them out each time they’ve come to Rochester for shows.  I won’t buy stones or crystals from anyone else.

2.    Bella Bead Jewelry by Linda Lawrence   –  Linda’s husband worked with my husband a long time ago.  If I add up the years,  I’ve known the Lawrences for more than 20 years.

Which isn’t the main point, but which is Interesting.  Linda’s an exceptionally gifted artisan and her unique jewelry makes me smile.

Which is the main point!

3.    Harris Studios,  Inc.  –  Although I don’t see Cindy as much as I’d like to these days,  I do treasure her friendship and on the days when I need that extra push for my own creative efforts,  I go to her blog to find out what she’s up to.

I met her quite a few years ago when we collaborated on an advertising promotional piece.  The breadth of her talent takes my breath away!

4.    Little Green Apple – Artisan Jewelry   –  I discovered Mary Green one Saturday at the Fairport Public Market and fell in love with her jewelry.  And blogged about her over at Mrs Biz Whiz Connects.

And purchased several of her pieces.  As gifts and for myself.  More than once.

During the off-season,  you can Find Her On Facebook.  With all of her contact information.

This is my collective “raving fan” endorsement.  Which means that I am not financially compensated for anything in this post.

Which makes this the complete, no strings attached gift to all of you.  And, how very cool is that?   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


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