The Easy Walker Way to Walk at Heel Position

Here we are  – Tessa and me  – walking at heel position.  Tessa’s a bit surprised but I am in Seventh Heaven.

She’s wearing an Easy Walker harness.  For the first time.  That we bought at Orchard Kennels on Black Friday. 

I wasn’t sure we could pull this off so easily The Very First Time.  Walking at heel position. I’d been reading about “no pull” harnesses as a possible training tool to help with dogs who Pull And Strain While On Leash …  and had finally decided to Find One.

When I asked  the owner of Orchard Kennels if they carried such a thing as a “no pull harness” and she said, “Of course,”  the next obvious step was to Drive Out And Buy One.

And, so I did.

It’s a tiny thing,  this Easy Walker harness.  It fits just behind the back of Tessa’s front legs,  across the top of her back at the base of her neck and across her chest.

The leash attaches to the part of the harness that stretches across her chest.  It’s incredibly lightweight.  Watching,  as she was fitted for it,  I was a bit skeptical.  And, I knew that the harness alone wasn’t going to be the solution to Tessa’s out-of-control walking.

That she and I need to get back to the partnership that develops between one focused human and her dog.

Which we are beginning to get back to here.”Here” is a wooden walkway over Thomas Creek.  Tessa and I have arrived at This Spot with little or no pulling on her part.

See how narrow that strap is across her chest?  And, see where the leash hooks to it?

That hook (the nickel-plated clasp) at the end of the leash is the only dicey part of this equation.  The nickel-plating can wear down over time.  Which means that it can pop open.

What the owner of Orchard Kennels suggested was that I look for a leash with brass hardware.  Brass doesn’t wear down the way that nickel plate does.

And, happily for me, one of the leather leashes we have is made with a brass clasp.  So, we are almost there.

“There” is the end game.  Which, in this case,  is a team of two Walking in Harmony.  A well-focused dog and her guardian.

We’re not “there” yet.  But.  We’ve got the proper training tools to work with.  And, that will make all the difference in the world for Tessa and me.

Which is what’s important and the point of this post.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




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