The Long View: Black Friday Shopping at Orchard Kennels

This is The Long View.  When you stand Way Back to capture as much of The Image as you can.  Or as your husband – the photographer – can.

Because I asked him to.

If you REALLY want The Long View,  here’s a a photograph someone took while they flew overhead.

This is Orchard Kennels.  It’s where we went shopping on Black Friday buying an Easy Walk (No Pull) Harness for Tessa and a Big Toy for Jasper and treats for Josephine.

That’s our silver Volvo parked outside of the entrance to the retail shop and the boarding facility.  I love this car.

I love Orchard Kennels.

Because they understand Big Dogs and small dogs,  and, they have Great Stuff for All Dogs! Like dog food and dog toys and collars and leashes.

And, because, when I asked if they sold something called a “no pull” harness, they said, “Of course!”

And THAT made ME happy.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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