Going to Work Takes Two

Here sits Tessa, gazing fixedly upward.  Intently focused on something beyond what you can see.

Still as a statue.  Not a hair out of place.  No blinking.  No kidding.

This is hardly blind obedience.  Not by a long shot.

Take another look.

This is a Work in Progress Equation.

Tessa is Part One.

I am Part Two.

The Treat Bag is Part Three.

If the equation is going to work, we both have to Show Up and I have to bring the Treat Bag.   The day this photograph was taken, we did just that.

We showed up.

With treats.

And, Things fell into Place.

The Place, by the way, is a neat walkway over Thomas Creek just east of the village.  Going there was part of our Black Friday experience.  When we went shopping for a new harness for Tessa out at Orchard Kennels.  Part of our plan to Avoid the Mall Shopping Crowd.

Which we did for the rest of Thanksgiving Weekend.  And which I plan to do from now until after Christmas.

But.  Back to Thomas Creek.  It’s a gorgeous and swampy area.

There’s a sturdy wooden walkway that starts at one end of the swamp and meanders all the way to the other side.

Not too many distractions on the afternoon we were there.

A dad with two small boys had piled out of their car, jumped onto the walkway and were a ways ahead of us.

One very large, white, shepherd-looking dog and a guy were about to exit off the walkway at the far end of the swamp.  Just enough people distractions.

And other, not so visible, distractions.  Lots of smells for Tessa to figure out while she and I practiced about turns and sit stays.  And watching each other.

But, not all the time.

We slacked off after a while to enjoy the view.  And got off the walkway to muck about in mud puddles.  And, didn’t think too much.

Just breathed it all in.  The walkway.  The swamp.  The view.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]









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    Gotta love the doggy devotion (whatever you have to do to get it). No man ever looked me in the eyes like my dogs do. 😉

    Stopping over from the NaBloPoMo blogroll. 🙂


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