Keeping Promises. Got One Book Review Done.

Keeping promises to myself.   And now, at the midpoint of the afternoon,  I’m insanely happy because I Got One Of  ‘Em Done.

One of Those Things I Agreed To Do.

A few months ago,  I offered to write a book review for a fellow blogger over at Blog Paws.  In fact,  in addition to that offer, I made two more.  Which gave me three book reviews to Get Done.

As it happens,  three very different books.  And, part of the incentive was that copies of all three of these books were mailed to me.  And now, the ball was in my court.

“Why do I do this to myself?”  I moaned yesterday morning when I slammed into Writer’s Block.  “What.  Were you OUT of your mind when you made those offers?”

And so I did what I sometimes do when I really should be writing.  I put everything away except a book that was Calling My Name.  A book that had nothing whatsoever to do with dogs.

Because you know these three book reviews were all going to be about dog books.

And, the name of that book that talked to me?  That said,  “Read me. Now.”

Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher novel,  The Affair.  And I mean that I REALLY read it.  Devoured it.  Did not get up until I’d finished it.  All 405 pages.  In one sitting.


And today,  I was just a bit brain-tired.  Got up around 6:45AM instead of my usual 5AM or earlier wake up call.  Took note that the day was going to be very much like yesterday.

Grey.  Grey.  And more grey.  If the sun showed itself even one time, I counted myself lucky.

And, today was more of the same.  Grey.

Sat down before 9AM and really put 100 percent of my efforts into coming up with That Opening Sentence.  And, was pleased to find out that once I got that first one up on my computer screen,  I was back in that place in my head where I knew I’d be able to Get This Done.

Writing book reviews is like assembling the pieces of a word puzzle together to create Something Else.  Part of the challenge for me becomes:  can I write something that will make someone else want to go out and buy this book?

Sometimes, I can do that.  And, today,  I think I did.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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