The First Day of December. Outside With The Dogs.

The first day of December and it’s still much warmer than we’re used to here in this part of New York.  I almost didn’t need the jacket that I pulled off the hook near the back door right before heading outside with Tessa and Josephine.

I know that there are days to come when I’ll open that back door and the snow will be higher than the bottom of the door frame.

But, that day wasn’t today.

The leaves are all off the trees, revealing huge nests – like little apartment dwellings – high up in the branches.  Three such nests per tree seems to be the operative number.

The sky, a soft grey.  The ground slightly damp.  No frost.

Two dogs and me.  They’re not too concerned with what the rest of the day holds.  And, for just one delirious moment in time, neither am I.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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