Multiple Dogs: Back to Basics & Juggling Three.

Back to dog basics.  Always a juggling act with three.  Thankful that two have leash manners and focus.  Two down and one to get ready.  That would be Tessa … and me. 

1.  Aromatherapy oils:  a calming spray.  Lavender oil massage.  Tiger Lily and Oregon Grape oils mixed into one blue bottle to be squirted down Tessa’s throat daily.

2.  Outside on the sidewalk in front of my house: up to the corner and back.  Down the side street, in and out of driveways around empty garbage cans.  Two, 10-15 minutes of fast-paced heeling with lots of changing direction, some sit-stays tossed in for good measure.  Focus.  Reward. Focus. Reward.

And the new harness helps a LOT.

3.   And, after all of THAT, we do a fast-paced walk in the neighborhood;  the long way home.  No other dogs to create that pack mentality.  Just us two.

4.  Drop Tessa off at home and, if there’s time, leash up Josephine and take her for a long walk in the neighborhood.  Because she wants to be included.  Because she and I need this time together.

My effortless, floating, heeling whippet.

All this time,  Jasper snoozes upstairs — as long as I can get sneak out the back door without him hearing anything.  The slightest clink of dog tags and he’ll Know That Something Is Up … and he’ll want to come too.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



    • htkhp says

      Thanks for your comment and for “leaving the bread crumb trail” back to your blog. I like what you’re doing too; the lessons learned struck a chord with me. PS I grew up outside of Philly and despite the (many) years of living in upstate NY, Philly is my “heart home.”


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