Waiting for Snow. At Last, It’s Here.

Creek water and pond fronds.  I can walk here from my house if I block out 90 minutes for the entire round trip, fast-paced trek.  Which might include a detour or two.   And, it’s not snowing.  Which it’s not.

Not now.

And, I can either take a dog with me or I can just take myself.  Either way,  the walk turns into my creative time where I can let my mind wander while my feet take me down sidewalks past century-old houses.

Houses that now wear their holiday finery.  White lights threaded through bushes and tree branches.  Green wreaths with ribbons and pine cones decorate front doors.

T’is the season to be jolly.  And, at least as it appears to me, it’s also  the Season of Waiting.

Waiting for …

Snow.  At least where I live.  It’s the second Friday in December and a) it’s not THAT cold outside and b) there is no ….


Dancing outside my window are tiny white flakes.  There’s a light frosting of white on my neighbor’s roof and the deck off the back of her house is coated with snow.

Waiting for …

whatever comes next.

Because, finally, the snow is here.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]





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