Are You Talking to Me?

Ever find yourself standing around with a bunch of other people where you are supposed to be adding to the conversation … and you forgot how that’s supposed to work?  Or maybe you’re on the phone — this should be pretty easy because there are just TWO of you —

And you still mess up your part?!?

Or, and this can be awkward,  you’re sitting around a large conference table at a board meeting,  and you verbally stumble not once BUT at least three times… ?

And, you know you’ve messed up because you used to be REALLY good at these kinds of conversations.  Is any of this sounding familiar to you?

I am, of course, talking about myself here.  As I’ve been working through this, I think what I’ve figured out is that it’s not that I’ve forgotten how to talk “business talk.”   Which is really no different than “regular talk.”  What’s happened is that I’ve moved away from the offline environment where certain kinds of business talk takes place.

Moved away from offline squarely into the world of online.  And, if it’s not SEO or long tail;  wrapping my brain around traffic generation or grappling with the pros and cons of “Private Label Rights (PLR),”  which I’ve decided is NOT a good thing … for me;

If it doesn’t relate to the strategies and systems of online marketing …

If it’s not any of THAT,  I find that my brain goes into a sort of free-fall where the words that come out of my mouth misfire — they float in the air between the person I’m talking with and myself, looking for a place to land but not finding one.

“This person has NO idea what I’m talking about,”  I think.  And I walk away.

I started to notice these kinds of mis-firings  when I attended a business networking lunch two months ago.  Sixty small business owners – all women – showed up to meet and greet, exchange business cards, and listen to the keynote speaker talk about “Best Social Media Practices.”

I was the ONLY woman there without business cards.  I replaced those cards with four words when I decided that I’d see how long I could manage without them.

“Find me on Facebook.”

Now, I’m not completely stupid.  If I meet you at an offline event and I like you,  I’ll ask for YOUR business card.

BUT.  If your eyes glaze over and you start to verbally fumble, I’ll happily back away and move on to someone else.  If your eyes start to twinkle and your face registers one of those “light bulb moments,” and you write my name down on something before you move on,

then I know that this might be the start of a great relationship.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]





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