Take a Walk on the Wild Side (Ranch)

This Saturday was all about taking a walk on the wild side.  And, yes, that is a herd of bison.  Maybe it’s only part of the herd.

The buffalo are part of the Wild Side Ranch, a 600-plus acre ranch located in Bloomfield,  New York.  My husband found out about this place when he walked into the local meat market in Fairport and asked if he could order a Buffalo roast.

He was hankering for a good cut of bison meat.

Which this meat market couldn’t supply.  But, what they could do was to suggest we contact the folks out at the Wild Side Ranch.

And, since part of our weekends are set aside for having adventures,  we piled into the car on Saturday and headed out.  Sans dogs as we didn’t know the correct protocol for visiting a buffalo ranch. Bring the dogs?  Or not.  We decided “not.”

We headed west over to Route 65 so we could go south to Rts 5 and 20 before heading west again. 

It doesn’t take too long to get out into the country.  See that swath of gravel?  That’s the driveway that leads into the Wild Side Ranch.

It’s a real pretty place.  I spent a lot of time imagining what it would feel like to OWN over 600 acres of land.  And to not have neighbors close by.

Like my friends who live in Branchport, NY which is south and east of where I live.  When they look out of their living room window,  Nature stares back at them.  Their cozy cabin sits on a rounded hill top with a forever wild track of land behind them and a wide sloping meadow as the front view.

The view from their living room window.

And, it’s quiet.  You can hear the wind as it shakes the tree tops.  Just like you can when you stand on the driveway of the Wild Side Ranch.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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