Talking Heads

He said:      So, do you come here often?

She said:     This is my first time.

He said:       Really?  You look familiar.  Are you sure about that?

She said:     Quite.  Sure.

He said:      Think you might come back?

She said      That’s the best you can do?

He said:      I’m a little rusty.  Might take me a while to improve my pick up lines.

She said:    Well, then. Give me Something More.

He said:      More?

She said:    … A Reason To Come Back.

He said:       Ah.  Then you might.

She said:     Might what?

He said:      Come back.

She said:    We’re back to that again?

He said:      We are.

She said:    And, you’ll be here?

He said:      Yes ma’am.

She said:     To see me.

He said:       Yes.

She said:      Ah.

He said:       Indeed.


This post was inspired by a visit to the Wild Side Ranch.  And my own quirky sense of humor.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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