What’s a Waterfall Got to Do With It?

There’s a lot of water here.  And, if you look closely, not a lot of snow.  In fact, not any snow at all.  And there are no people to look at and no dogs to wonder about.

That said, there’s a LOT going on here.  Some of which you can see.  Like the water.  Notice that there’s fast-moving, tumbling-down-the-rocks-creating-lots-of-spray water.

And there’s also calm, smooth-as-glass water beyond where the waterfall starts to make its plunge.

Water that is different but the same.

There’s a bench deliberately anchored so that it faces all of that water.  So we can guess, that even though we can’t see any people now,  that sometimes, people come here.

This is part of what we can’t see.  But that we can be pretty sure about.  Benches have an obvious purpose.  People sit on them.

For various reasons.

If you’re waiting for someone, benches are good for sitting on.  If you need a place to sit and be Lost In Thought,  some benches are good for that kind of sitting.  And, THAT is what I think this bench is for.

To invite people to sit and be Lost In Thought.

Which is a valuable thing to do.  Because if you allow yourself to be Lost In Thought,  sooner or later you will find Something You Need,  Something You Want or Something You Must Do.

To take you to where you want to be.

And, sometimes, where you want to be requires stepping out into what you know is there but that is still beyond what you can see.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






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