What We Did For Love

We did it!  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been there … and, in the larger scheme of things:  war, famine, pestilence, floods, homeless people, death and taxes,  what We Did might not register as Important.

But.  Trust me.  It was a noteworthy event here.

Yesterday,  Tessa and I successfully walked the long block of my Norman Rockwell neighborhood with more grace and style than we have ever done.

We did have a bit of help.  But that’s part of it, wouldn’t you agree?

To begin,  the weather was a marvel of almost 60 degree temps.  Translation?  We didn’t freeze our collective asses off.

And, we had been consistently doing our homework:  focusing sessions in the back yard and fast heeling-with-sit-stays in the front yard, down the sidewalk and around to the back of the house.

All of which were done and will always be done with the Easy Walker harness.  Which,  if you live in the Rochester, NY area,  you can purchase out at Orchard Kennels, in Walworth, NY.

And, no, that was not a paid endorsement.  It was and will always be a raving fan accolade.  Please be sure to tell the folks who work at Orchard Kennels that Tessa and I sent you there.  That would make us happy.

There were and will continue to be,  daily spray doses of essential oils,  intermittent use of the anxiety wrap,  lavender oil massage,  and ample use of the Treat Bag.  Especially when we are Out in The Yard and Tessa decides to Protect Us.

With a LOT of raised hackles and ferocious barking.  With every fiber of her petite, 18 pound body.

Not acceptable behavior.  Most of the time.  There is always the possibility that the day will come when Tessa’s protective behavior will be warranted.

I was really proud of Tessa yesterday and proud of me too.  I think that there will always be the keen Awareness of Her Surroundings that is hard-wired into her DNA.  She will Always Be On The Alert.

But, yesterday, Tessa knew that she and I were Together.  She stayed reasonably at heel, didn’t jump out of her skin when the neighbor’s dog barked from inside of his fence that runs parallel and right next to the sidewalk.

Nor did she change her stride when there were Other Distractions.

So, all in all,  yesterday was a Good Day that owed its success to a lot of other days when it appeared that we were not making any progress.

That’s  part of how it works.  You come up with A Plan and then you figure out what you need to do to turn That Plan into reality.

And, then you show up.  Every day.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]






    • htkhp says

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. One of the blessings of having two senior dogs in the pack is that they no longer require “work.” On an entirely different topic, I just finished reading The Soul Of A Horss – Life Lessons from the Herd, by Joe Camp. Something tells me that you’d enjoy reading it. (I was fascinated.)

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